You Asked, We Answered

Truck & Trailer Parking?

Our truck and trailer requires space about 30-40 feet (3-4 car lengths) IN FRONT of the home. We will not park down the street or in a drive way. If you live in a cul-de-sac please send us a photo before booking. 

Any weather restrictions?

Shade is required for ALL petting zoo rentals. You are responsible for providing shade or you can add on the canopy rental for additional $50. If the weather is scheduled to be above 90 degrees, your appointment may get rescheduled. Animals do not do well in the heat and traveling in warm temperatures is very dangerous.

Requirements and rules for the Petting Zoo?

The petting zoo requires a 12x12 area on a grass or dirt surface and there has to be area with shade. Children/Adults can NOT pick up, hit, or kick the animals. The area where we set up has to be within 50 feet from where we park. It can be in the front or backyard. 

Requirements and rules for the Pony Rides & Unicorn?

1. All our ponies have different weight requirements that they can carry

2. Children are required to wear a helmet at all times while on a pony or unicorn

3. We require a LARGE area to do rides. 40x40 area required on grass, dirt, or cement. 

4. Please remember these are small horses they CAN spook

5. No flying objects or decorations can be in the area where the pony ride will take place

6. Never stand behind a pony. Always walk in front of a pony.

7. Always keep toddlers next to you. Do not allow them to walk up to any part of the pony.

8. Never run up to, scream or clap near a pony.

9. If your child is leaning during a ride, the worst thing to do is run up to them to fix them. Doing so, will spook the pony. Please ask the handler to stop the ride so we can adjust the child to sit up right. 

10. The pony ride can NOT take place next to a trampoline or  jumpy house filled with children playing.

What if we don’t have a shady area? 

The petting zoo does REQUIRE a area with shade. If shade is not provided, there will be additional $50 canopy charge. 

What if I have to cancel my event?

If canceled within 48 hours of your scheduled event the full payment is due. All deposits are non-refundable. If canceled 7 days prior to the schedule event you can use your deposit toward a new booking. 

Will the animals go to the bathroom on our grass, cement, or dirt area?

The animals will go to bathroom during your petting zoo rental! We are not responsible for cleaning up any manure that is on grass or dirt. We will do our best to clean up any manure that is on cement.

What if it is scheduled to rain during our scheduled event?

If it is scheduled to rain during your scheduled event, you will be able to use your deposit towards a new booking!