Monday-Friday Pricing
We bring the zoo to you!
Pony ride and petting zoo rentals for birthday parties, schools, daycares, and events!

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Now offering educational farm animal presentations!! 

This interactive farm animal presentation is perfect for schools and daycares! A animal wrangler will teach children about farm animals and show them how to correctly hold and take care of them!

Pricing starts at $350 for 1 hour

Call for a quote



Petting Zoo & Pony Ride Packages 

Monday-Friday Pricing 

  • Full Petting Zoo 

This package includes goats, rabbits, chickens and ducks! This package is designed for birthday parties, schools, daycares, etc. It can accommodate up to 30 children/adults. Please note - a 12x12 grass area with shade is required. 

$300 - 1 hour

$500 - 2 hours 

$650 - 3 hours

  • Event Petting Zoo XL

This package is designed for large events and can accommodate up to 200 children/adults. This package has twice the amount of animals and is twice the size of our full petting zoo. This petting zoo requires a 24x24 area and will have two staff members. 

$800 - 2 hours

$1,200 - 3 hours 

  •  Bunny Zoo

This package includes adorable fluffy bunnies!

$250 - 1 hour

$450 - 2 hours


  • Pony Ride

Pony Size Options

Small Pony - Can hold children ages 2-5 that weigh under 60lbs.

Large Pony - Can hold children starting at the age of 5 and that weigh under 130lbs.

$300 - 1 pony, 1 hour

$500 - 1 pony, 2 hours

  • Unicorn 

We provide beautiful unicorn rentals!

Choose between a large or small unicorn as listed above.

$300 - 1 unicorn, 1 hour

$500 - 1 unicorn, 2 hours

Yard Space Required 

40x40 area required for unicorn or pony ride on grass, dirt, or cement.

12x12 area required for petting zoo on grass or dirt.

** Traveling fees apply if over 25 miles from our farm in Somis, CA **

Please contact for Holiday prices 

Add on's for petting zoos

- Hand Feeding $50

- 10x10 Canopy Rental $50 (shade is required for all petting zoos!)

- Tarp Rental (if grass or dirt is not available) $100